What is a virtual office, and how can it help me?

December 28, 2021

Here at Glasgow Mailing Address we offer you a place to base your business. The premises that we offer are virtual, simply an address, rather than a physical place to run your business from. But what is the bonus of having a virtual office? First, we need to understand more about what it actually is.

What is a virtual office?

An office is a place that you run your business from. It is a base for the sale of your service, your product. Somewhere to deal with customers and provide them with a high quality level of service.

Not only this but it gives you a place to have your post sent to, to legally register your business to and maybe even meeting rooms if they are required.

In the case of small businesses, or those that are run by sole traders or entrepreneurs, you often run your business from your own home. However, this may not always offer up the most professional representation of your company.

This where a virtual office can help. A virtual office is, for the most part, the same as a regular office space, but it does not offer anywhere for you to physically work.

Instead it is:

Why is it a good idea?

Whilst there are plenty of businesses that are not going to need a big office space, this doesn’t mean that they can’t benefit from some kind of office space. That is where a virtual office can help. Virtual offices are ideal for those people that need a base, but do not necessarily need to work from there.

A big plus point for many companies is that a virtual office is available at a much lower rental cost than a standard office. In fact, you can pay out as little as £15 per month. This keeps the costs down, yet gives you a professional looking base.

On the subject of professionalism, that has to be one of the biggest plus points of hiring a virtual office. Whilst it should never be the case, some customers can be put off of using a company that works from a home address. Having a virtual office gives you a solution that makes sure that you seem professional, without having to have an actual business premises.

One of the final plus points of having a virtual office is that you don’t have to give out your home address and phone number, making it publicly available. This not only protects your persona information, but also gives you the perfect way to separate business from home life.

Renting a virtual office is a great answer to your business needs and starts from only £15 p/m. With these low prices and everything you could need in one virtual space, you can make sure that your business is seen a professional place that customers will want to do business with.